At Ciao Chicago, we agree with Aristotle when he said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  That is why we take great care in selecting the best combination of companies and vendors to achieve the greatest success for each individual.

From luxury designer showcases to artistic product installations, we consider not only the quality of featured companies’ products, but also the ideal ratio of product categories and brand recognition to assure that your merchandise is displayed alongside those that have the greatest potential to bring you more business. 

We then analyze the ideal space configuration and layout to encourage optimal traffic flow while highlighting your products’ best features. 


The Space & Pricing

Ciao Chicago’s intimate size, central location and malleability make it an ideal space for pop-up stores and events. The space is divided into five exhibits ranging in size from 6mq to 15mq and includes a group of six 3mq instillations. Natural light flows throughout the space, with each exhibit area featuring its own window.  

At Ciao Chicago, we understand that our clients are successful, driven individuals with busy schedules.  That is why we considered all of your primary needs when developing our all-inclusive pricing packages.  From set-up & breakdown to food & beverage, we’ve analyzed what’s truly important to ensure you are adequately positioned to conduct productive business meetings and showings. 

And if our proposed packages do not meet your needs, we offer optional tailoring and add-ons to create the most successful campaign to fit your budget and requirements.

Such comprehensive arrangements mean less time spent planning and budgeting and more time spent building business!

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