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First Wednesday @ Ciao Chicago. An Italian design night.


Extra-planetary Architecture for Human Space Exploration.

Self-deployable Space Stations in Low-Earth Orbit, habitats on the Moon, Mars and its satellites.

Our guest speaker, A Postdoctoral Associate at the MIT MediaLab in Tangible Media, will present her research on investigating human-material and inter-material interaction for sustaining astronaut life in space. 

New computational design methods for human-material interactions and space surface habitats, that respond to architectural, structural, functional and physical requirements were explored, offering new ways to support future space exploration.

Her research will also bring a new unique perspective to self-sufficient, sustainable and efficient architecture on Earth. Examples include autonomous self-adaptable habitats that withstand severe environmental changes with minimal installation complexity.

Event Schedule: 

6:00- 6:30PM *Italian aperitivo 

6:30- 7:30PM Seminar 

7:30- 8.30PM Italian aperitivo

* Glass of ROMA DOC white or red wine + Italian appetizers